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Tymborychos Incense | Grief & Mourning | Funerary Incense

Tymborychos Incense

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Inspired by the mythos of Aphrodite and the tragic death of her mortal lover Adonis, Tymborychos Incense evokes the dualities of sex and death, and love and grief. An ambrosial blend of herbs, flowers, and resins sacred to the Venusian Gravedigger, Tymborychos Incense is composed of Red Rose Petals, Myrrh Tears, Myrtle Leaves, Cistus Rockrose, Wild Lettuce, and Sweet Marjoram.

Tymborychos Incense offers a sensual intoxication that is calming and comforting to the heartbroken spirit. It may be burned to soothe the pain of grief during mourning rituals and death meditations, and as an offering to deceased loved ones.

Scent Notes: Ambrosial, Deep Floral, Sweetly Herbaceous, Resinous Incense