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Pyre Incense | Funeral Pyre | Death Ritual

Pyre Incense

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Pyre incense is a unification of the sacred woods and resins that feed the fires of cremation; composed of White Sandalwood, Agarwood, Myrrh, and Frankincense, with locally gathered evergreen and deciduous woods.

Prior to modern cremation, pyre materials were typically gathered based on local abundance and availability, however, some woods and materials were chosen for their traditional significance and specific properties. Oftentimes, aromatic woods were chosen to mask the smell of burning hair and flesh.

Pyre incense may be used in all rites and rituals pertaining to both destruction and purification by fire; it is well suited for confronting the fear or denial of death, and may be offered onto the pyre or included in modern cremation retorts as an offering to the deceased.

Scent Notes: Warm, Woody, Evergreen, Incense Smoke

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