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Katharmos Ritual Incense

Katharmos Incense

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"...and with hands unwashed I would take shame to pour the glittering wine to Zeus; there is no means for a man to pray to the dark-misted son of Kronos, with blood and muck all splattered upon him."
- Homer, Iliad

Inspired by the Greek concepts of katharsis, miasma, and ritual purification, Katharmos incense offers its cleansing virtues in hospice and death care.

A blend of Sagebrush, Red Cedar, Wormwood, Hyssop, Juniper and Myrrh, Katharmos incense may be burned to dispel the malodors of death and dying, or it may be cast into cleansing waters for asperging prior to ceremonial rites.

Scent Notes: Fresh Green, Camphor, Bittersweet, Resinous, Medicinal