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Cypress Hydrosol | Mourning Cypress

Cypress Hydrosol

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A symbol of the immortal soul and eternal death, the Cypress tree has a lengthy history of accompanying both the living and the dead through mourning rituals and funerary rites.

Cypress hydrosol may be used as a smokeless alternative to traditional smoke cleansing to purify a space when a death has occurred. The fresh aroma is both soothing and grounding and offers condolence to those in mourning who have suffered a deep emotional loss.

As a cleansing wash for the dead, Cypress offers its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties, and subtly perfumes the body with a sweet verdant scent.

The scalelike leaves and cones are gathered from fallen branches found at local cemeteries, and steam distilled in small batches to extract the volatile oils and aromatic essence of the Mourning Cypress (Cupressus funebris) tree.

Cypress hydrosol is available in 2oz spray bottles for asperging of self and space, and 8oz bottles as a purifying wash for the deceased.

Scent Notes: Fresh, Woodsy, Sweet Evergreen