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Poplar Bud Anointing Oil
Poplar Buds
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Poplar Bud Anointing Oil

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A harbinger of Spring, the Poplar tree (Populus spp.) is a cherished plant ally, esteemed amongst many cultures for its healing virtues. In the midst of Winter, Poplar buds begin to swell with sticky, aromatic resin, and their pleasing fragrance signals the imminent resurrection of the plant kingdom. Rooted in the underworld, Poplar is associated with death, rebirth, and a peaceful afterlife for the deceased.

Poplar Bud Anointing Oil may be used for the relief of physical aches and pains; its analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties may offer respite to the living and the dying. Energetically, Poplar is soothing and grounding, it offers courage when confronting the fear of death and loss, and comfort in the depths of grief. The warm aroma of Poplar buds is thought to be attractive and assuaging to spirits, it may be used to anoint the deceased during funerary rites, and makes a lovely offering during rites of evocation and spirit veneration.

Scent Notes: Sweet, Balsamic, Amber, Vanilla

Ingredients: Fresh Poplar Buds (Populus trichocarpa), Organic Olive Oil

*Poplar may be an allergen to those with sensitivities to the Salicaceae family. 

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